Mala Spirit

“Jewellery with character: personal, special and with a strong appearance. Made from natural products, sustainably harvested and fairtrade produced in Bali. The basis is the holy Rudraksha seeds, worn for thousands of years by Hindus and Buddhists. They are a symbol of compassion and bring balance, peace and consciousness.”

Mala Spirit Rudraksha

Recently Mala Spirit got wings, because of the support and devotion of precious Angels within Europe and abroad!

Mala Spirit got connected with beautiful yoga teachers, who travel the world to spread the love of yoga and our rudraksha malas.

“With gratitude we call these ambassadors our Angels. Let them spread their wings to fly together with us, bringing more peace and balance to the world!”

The discount code for 10% off all jewellery for my students and Yoga friends is : uk angel joanna – exactly as written – all in lower case

Mala Beads Yoga